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COMMIT TO: Inquisition Record 1632 624-2000
CROSS FILE: Inquisition of the Vindicators
INPUT DATE: 3746914.M36
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Ryjak
TRANSMITTER: Astropath Secundus Ariel 
RECEIVER: Astropath Prime Joshua
SUBJECT:  Organization THOUGHT: Without the Emperor's light, all will fall to Chaos.

    Here, Lord, is information on the command structure and organization of the Vindicator's Companies.  Already I have uncovered heresy here, for they do not follow the standard 10 Companies of 100 Marines.  Even more so, I believe they have exceeded the limits in force size imposed by the Codex Astartes, and could easily threaten surrounding sectors if they turned from the Emperor's light.  However, I know that similar heresy has been ignored in other Chapters, for they were found, ultimately, to be righteous.  I leave this decision to your divine judgment, Lord.

    If you need to contact me Lord, send your transmission to Inquisitor Ryjak

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