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COMMIT TO: Inquisition Record 2359 924-2000
CROSS FILE: Inquisition of the Vindicators
INPUT DATE: 3348914.M36
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Ryjak
TRANSMITTER: Astropath Secundus Jeisul
RECEIVER: Astropath Vergumanti 
SUBJECT:  After Action Report THOUGHT: The easiest way to learn is through pain.

Lord, I have recently intercepted this report while conducting my investigations of the 2nd Battle Company.  I believe it reveals much of the inner nature of these marines.  I hope that my new agent can secure more of them for me.

Report #:  SF3-1473.3851
Campaign:  Sante Fe III
Mission Date:  922914.M36
Primary Mission:  Secure Sector Alpha
Secondary Objective:
  Eliminate all Hostiles
Tertiary Goal:
  Minimize losses

Reporting Officer:  Lieutenant Garrak

Thought:  Bruised and Battered, ready to Shatter

Mission Situation and Objectives:
  Our scouts had reported unusual activity in Region 487, Sector Alpha, consisting of a few enemy platoons, as well as a few armored assets around an abandoned landing pad.  Captain Juran ordered me to take my detachment to investigate, and assigned two Predators to counter possible enemy armor.  Our objective was to secure the landing pad and the surrounding area, eliminating any encountered enemies.

  As we approached the reported enemy position, one of the observation posts came under heavy fire. I don't know what alerted the enemy to the scouts' presence, but they were wiped out to a man.  Their death did serve a purpose; it revealed the presence of a Demolisher on top of the landing pad.  I have no idea how the rebels got that huge tank up there, but it effectively controlled the surrounding area.
  I ordered our mounted element forward while the Predators attempted to suppress the enemy.  Our fire couldn't penetrate the frontal armor of the Lemun Russ tank, and the rebel's aim was horrible.  The remaining observation post began to pour fire onto the enemy squads on top of the landing pad.  It was then I noticed the horses charging their position from around the landing pad.
  To save the scouts, I ordered the Destructor into a supporting position while the rest of the detachment advanced on the enemy. Our cannons were still ineffective against the Demolisher, while it proceeded to detonate the turret on the Destructor.  We also began taking fire from a flanking Lemun Russ and Chimera.

  Then the mounted rebels overran the scout observation post, easily tearing into them with their hunting lances.  Wanting to save those I could, I ordered Bravo Section to counter-assault, while the rest of the mounted section attempted to suppress the enemy armor.  Once again the Demolisher shrugged off several solid hits as it struck a glancing blow on Alpha Section's Rhino, damaging the engine.  I was pleased when my Command Vehicle destroyed the Lemun Russ across the field, but I was still worried about that Demolisher.  It had a commanding presence on the battlefield.
  Bravo Section had great success in their counter-assault, driving off the horsemen and sweeping into an enemy squad that was sneaking around the base of the landing platform.  It was then my Razorback was hit hard, and we went out of control.  It flipped on its side and plowed through the dirt.  Surprisingly, no one was hurt, and we egressed from the vehicle.  As I came out of a hatch, I took aim on the fuel tank of the advancing Chimera with my plasma pistol.  My aim was true, and the APC detonated in a fireball.  It too flipped on its side and stopped only 50 meters from my wrecked vehicle.
  I was surprised when 5 burning Ogryns piled out of the flaming wreck and assaulted my squad as we were setting up our missile launchers to take out the Demolisher.  I then lost track of the battle in the ensuing melee with those brutes, but I recall staff sergeant Arian saying he was going to lead his Assault Squad against the Demolisher.  He and his squad are still MIA and presumed dead.

  Sergeant Leander was the only officer that could see how our attack was going, and intelligently realized that we didn't have enough remaining assets to carry the battle.  Thus he joined my squad in fighting the abhumans, and we fought for several minutes.  Those giants can take a lot of punishment; but our faith protected us from serious harm.
  While we fought, both Rhinos were destroyed, as well as the Annihilator.  Sergeant Cameron and Squad Bravo did most of the damage, eliminating two full squads of rebels and their command section without any support.  Unfortunately, the rebel's ranking officer had a power glove, and killed two marines and injured three others before he was brought down.  Sergeant Cameron also says his Rhino killed the commissar leading the horsemen before it was taken out by the Demolisher.  Their final act was to suppress the enemy squads on top of the platform while they picked up their survivors and withdrew from the battlefield.
  After we had killed the Ogryns, I ordered all survivors to withdraw from the field.  As we retreated, the rebels were charging our position, but were suppressed by someone's gunfire.  As far as I can tell, one of our scouts was picking off rebels from a concealed position before the 30 remaining rebels overran his position.  That lone soldier allowed the twenty of us to withdraw unmolested.  My the Emperor protect his soul.

Success Factor:  32%  We failed at our primary objective, but did manage to eliminate one Lemun Russ, a Chimera transporting Ogryns, and approximately half of a platoon, including most of its command structure.  However, we lost two observation squads and all of our vehicles.

Commendations:  The actions of both of my platoon sergeants are worthy of note.  Specifically, I wish for Sergeant Cameron's squad to be formally recognized for their actions upon the battlefield.  They single-handedly eliminated 25 enemy soldiers, killed Captain Blonde and his staff, a heretical Commissar, and forced another squad to withdraw from the battle; while suffering many casualties.  Some of my men are already calling them the Horsecrushers.

Reprimands:  I made a tactical error in two places.  I now believe this was a clever trap I readily threw my men into; why else would the rebels have gone to so much trouble to get a Demolisher onto that useless landing platform?  I should have realized this right away and withdrawn, but instead I pressed my attack, thinking I could destroy the tank.
  My second error was in focusing on the tank.  If I had ignored it, I could have swept my whole force upon the enemy flank that was anchored by the Lemun Russ MBT.  We could have stayed out of the Demolisher's deadly cannon and brought overwhelming firepower upon one spot of the enemy line, and then proceeded to roll it up and onto the Landing Platform.  Instead, I split my forces and my firepower, and failed at my primary mission.  As a result of my incapability, sergeant Arian made a desperate and unsupported attack upon the enemy.  We will recover his squad.

Subsequent Activity:  Despite our losses, I believe we should attack the enemy tonight.  Knowing the lack of discipline of the rebels, they will most likely be celebrating a victory and be ill-prepared for another attack.
  Also, I suggest that we make it standard doctrine for our Predators to lead any attack against an unknown rebel force.  Their presence drew a lot of fire away from my transports, and their tough armor allowed them to stay in the battle for quite a while.  If the Annihilator commander hadn't done the sensible thing and masked part of his tank behind cover, we could have utilized the full firepower of that tank, and maybe have taken out the Demolisher.

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