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COMMIT TO: Inquisition Record 2042 903-2000
CROSS FILE: Inquisition of the Vindicators
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Ryjak
TRANSMITTER: Astropath Secundus Ariel 
RECEIVER: Astropath Logan
SUBJECT:  Log Book THOUGHT: Information is the key to all.

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    Lord, here I will post my weekly progress reports. All updates will be posted by Monday. I have archived my previous reports by the month, if you wish to review those.


    Lord, I apologize for this report arriving late.  I had trouble contacting my servants on the surface.  Here is an unusual transcript from a recent ritual combat between the Vindicators and the Grey Hammers.  My next report shall include footage of the Vindicators at morning firing rites.


+++ Inquisitor Online +++

    Lord, the Tech Priests have finally appeased the Machine Spirits of my system, so I can once again compile my data for transmission.  I don't have much to send at the moment, but for now I have some images of a Razorback Transport for you to examine.  Next week I shall include a report about a "training exercise" between the Vindicators and the Grey Hammers.

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If you need to contact me Lord, send your transmission to Inquisitor Ryjak

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