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COMMIT TO: Inquisition Record 1555 624-2000
CROSS FILE: Inquisition of the Vindicators
INPUT DATE: 3746914.M36
AUTHOR: Inquisitor Ryjak
TRANSMITTER: Astropath Secundus Ariel 
RECEIVER: Astropath Prime Joshua
SUBJECT:  Chapter Annuals THOUGHT: History has a habit of changing over time.

    Lord, herein lays what I have gathered on the rituals, legends, and beliefs of the Vindicators and their serfs on Rhinterveld.  These have been gathered from the local populous, witnesses, and even from the Vindicator's database.  All has been gathered following the strict doctrine of the Inquisition, and all witnesses have had their minds purged of their interrogation.  I have initiated a hack into the Vindicator's mainframe, but so far their defenses are formidable.  I will inform you of any further progress.

History of the Vindicators:  An incomplete and sketchy history comprised from many sources, yet revealing of many things.

    If you need to contact me Lord, send your transmission to Inquisitor Ryjak

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